Subjective Well-Being (SWB) is defined as an individuals experience of affective reactions and cognitive judgments. It measures how people think and feel about their life.  It refers to how people experience and evaluate their lives and specific domains and activities in their lives.

Main domains;

  • Self-acceptance,
  • positive personal relationships,
  • self determination/ authonomy,
  • enviromental control,
  • life goals and

personal development.

Life satisfaction is a result achieved by comparing one's exceptations from life with what actually the real life gives.

It's a positive evaluation of one's life with his own determined standarts.  It can also be defined as a total evaluation of his life and of his beliefs or it can be defined as one's general attitudes towards his life. 

Life satisfaction is the degree to which a person positively evaluates the overall quality of his/her life as a whole. In other words, how much the person likes the life he/she leads (1996,Ruut Beenhoven).

Training Program will help;

  • recovering the traumas arouse from living with a disabled individual/children.
  • gaining communication skills,
  • to overcome prejudice, support improve the life satisfaction and SWB of families having disabled children
    • Duration: 7 weeks
    • Each Session: 90 minutes
    • 1 session in a week
    • Basic principals of positive psyhology
    • PERMA model developed by Martin Seligman
  • Creative drama, Art therapy and Visual Arts method and techniques