The company was established by three private persons in 2010. Its employees have 15-20 years of working experience in the labour, adult training and social field, in the implementation of Hungarian and international tenders, and it has a wide range of experts. The company is also an adult training institution. Registry No: AL-3002

The target groups of the company are disadvantaged people such as disabled people, homeless people, unemployed people, elderly above 50 years of age, women and career entrant young people. Besides them, we are offering our services for professionals, civil organisations, for-profit and non-profit institutions and local governments.

Our field of operation is Vas county, the Western frontier of Hungary, but we keep in touch with many state, civil and non-profit organisation and university of several countries of the European Union.

The company undertakes professional activity in three different fields: in the field of the labour market, in the field of training, and in the social field. The activities and services undertaken in the three fields are as follows:

  1. Labour market services:
  • Facilitating social integration and employment of disadvantaged people
  • Career advice, especially young people and the elderly above 50 years of age
  • « Nóra » Career advice point for disadvantaged women
  • Offering services and training related to the vocational rehabilitation of disadvantaged people
  • Close cooperation with labour organisations, consulting companies and service providers
  1. Adult training activity:
  • Organising trainings
  • Developing teaching materials
  • Informing institutions about the latest trainings
  • Doing administration related to the implementation of the training
  • Documenting and developing the quality management system of the training
  1. Knowledge and innovation transfer:
  • Exploring the opportunities lying in Hungarian and international cooperations, establishing relationships
  • Adapting innovative activities, generating Hungarian projects
  • Working and trying out innovative activities.
  1. Writing and managing tenders for external clients:
  • For local governments in the fields of health development/health promotion, and the development of social services
  • Clearing info communicational obstacles for social, health and educational institutions
  • Labour market services and innovational developments for small enterprises

The vision of our enterprise: we are an organisation fighting for the equal opportunities and labour market rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups. We wish to preserve our stability by being a multifaceted organisation, which is providing its services for several sectors, and is at the same time flexible and striving for innovation.

The company introduced a TQM quality management system in 2014, and it has been continuously operating it ever since.