Kemal Yurtbilir Special and Vocational High School (Kemal Yurtbilir Özel Eğitim Meslek Lisesi) - Turkey

Our school, Kemal Yurtbilir Special and Vocational High School,  is a state school which is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. All the students are hearing impaired and deaf in our school. We teach more than 179 children who have different levels of hearing impairment.

The sole mission of the school is to integrate the students into society by increasing their confidence in the process of social cohesion and by providing them with basic knowledge and skills of life. Although we have been teaching both male and female students; our school dormitory is only for female students who come from all around Turkey.

Moreover, as we are vocational high school, we have seven vocational  departments such as Information Technologies, Metal Technologies, Clothing and Manufacturing Technologies, Beauty and Hairdressing, Jewelry Technologies, Wood Technologies, and Furniture Technologies, Graphic Design and Photography. Some students go to other vocational schools  for Metal Technologies, Wood Technologies, and Furniture Indoor Design Technologies. Other departments are available in our own school building.

Our school has been participating national, international, social, cultural and sporting activities and our students have been honoured with  various awards; and we continue to attend to these areas.

Our school has participated in social, cultural and sports activities on the national and international level and our students have won various awards. Our work in these areas is continuing.

Our school is continuing education and training activities with 179 students (51 of them are female boarders).

The projects we conclude within the scope of the EU Projects;

"LDV Partnership Project" for "Hearing Impaired Individuals", "Professional Experience" and "Professional Experiences" for "DEAFVOC", "2012-1-TR1-LEO04-35483 1"

KA1 - Individuals' Learning Movement, Vocational Education Learning and Personnel Mobility 2014-1-TR01-KA102-002668 Dili "FOTOLANG" Project,

Our final project is the Erasmus + KA 2, Project, SIGN ARTS, 2014-1-TR01-KA201-011750 which is also the Coordinator.